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Weight control dugs

Weight loss tabletsWeight control is not a matter of good looks or fashion and drugs are not candies. Choosing the right drug is a great responsibility. It is a very serious issue, and the price can be very high. Just one wrong action can cost you the dearest of all things, which is your health. Therefore, these pills are only intended for those who have medical reasons to take them. Whatever type of medicine you choose, please, refrain from taking radical steps without your physician’s advice! Whether you choose prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or herbal remedies, a consultation with a qualified doctor is a must!

One reason why you should take the whole thing very seriously is the possibility of adverse side effects. Prescription drugs like Xenical, Meridia, Phentermine, etc., are based on chemicals, which may trigger different reactions in different people. This is very important, considering the fact that the growing diversity of drugs available for sale makes the process of choice extremely difficult. It is not uncommon for drugs produced by different pharmaceutical companies to have similar chemical composition. Even the safest FDA-approved medicines may cause severe allergies in sensitive people.

To facilitate the process of drug selection, we offer you a list of ingredients contained in FDA-approved drugs, so that you can match them against FDA-banned drugs. Once again, it takes a lot of attention and careful attitude, since weight loss pills contain scores of ingredients of both natural and synthetic origin. Furthermore, different pills have different mechanisms of action, which may be great for some people and grave for others. Let’s take a look at some of these substances:

Alli is the first FDA-approved over-the counter drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. It does not belong to the group of appetite suppressants and therefore has a long-standing effect if used in conjunction with proper low-calorie diets and due physical activity. The mechanism of action lies in the blocking of absorption of fat from the intestinal tract. It is not recommended to use this drug along with non-fat diets for the simple reason - there will be nothing to block, so the whole thing will be useless. Besides, if you are taking fat-based vitamins, thoughtless intake of Alli can make this useless too, because the fat will not be absorbed. Meanwhile, fat is essential for proper functioning of the body and you can’t completely exclude it from your diet. Turn to a qualified doctor, who will help you combine your diet and your current treatment course.

Xenical (Orlistat) has a mechanism of action similar to that of Alli. Xenical received FDA approval in 1999, and today it is among the most commonly used weight control drugs. It inhibits the lipase enzymes responsible for breaking down fat from food and therefore hampers the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and some other substances. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that you take these vitamins separately. There are special vitamin supplements available for sale, which you can pick up and use in accordance with your doctor’s recommendation. Although Xenical pills is heartily hailed by many patients, it is only recommended for people dealing with critical cases of obesity. Not infrequently, it causes the unabsorbed fat to remain in the intestinal tract, which results in anal discharges similar to those occurring after eating too much oily fish. Therefore, you must be careful to avoid embarrassment. In some cases, the drug may cause liver dysfunction, fatigue, nausea, etc.

Also referred to as Rimonabant, Acomplia is a kind of weight control medicine that exerts direct action on the zone of the nerve stem responsible for signaling the need for calories. In other words, Accomplia controls our desire to take food and therefore it can be regarded as an appetite suppressant. It is not favored by the European Medicines Agency, due to its alleged harmful effect on human psyche contributing to an increase in suicide rates among patients.

Available under several brand names (Adipex-P, Fastin, etc.), Phentermine is one of the most long-standing FDA-approved drugs. Like all appetite suppressants, Phentermine is only intended for short-term obesity treatment courses. This is a high tolerance drug, so prolonged use often results in the loss of action. For the most part, it is prescribed for less than 3 months. Phentermine is a prescription drug and it must not be used without professional advice. Its mechanism of action is based on the direct effect on the central nervous system.

Proactol is a kind of advanced weight control drug. It has a very specific way of eliminating fat from food, which is different from that of Alli and Xenical. Based on a unique fiber complex, Proactol blocks fat from the food we eat. However, instead of blocking the absorption of fat by the intestines, it absorbs fat into itself and forms a viscous substance, preventing it from depositing in the body. Furthermore, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the intestinal tract and therefore excludes the side effects of Alli and Xenical. These are the reasons why the drug gets so much positive feedback from users around the globe.

This drug has several immediate effects, which make it one of the most preferred weight management drugs in the world. It controls appetite and, most importantly, it aids in lowering cholesterol levels.

As we can see, Proactol exceeds most other drugs in efficiency and friendliness. Of all the “magic tablets” available for sale in vast numbers, this one almost fully justifies the claims expressed by its dollar-oriented manufacturer, and the demand appears to be drifting from Xenical and Alli to Proactol. However, it must be remembered that this drug is more effective when used in combination with a healthy diet and physical activity. Please, do not forget to consult your doctor before taking the drug.

If you feel like it is time for you to go in for a weight reduction program, please, consider the options stated above. Be careful to choose the safest and most suitable pills. Do not take any action without consulting your physician!