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Xenical Weight Loss Pills Aimed to Make You Slim

Xenical tablets 120 mg

Obesity is a modern scourge of nowaday's society with its insane tempo of living, where there is little time left for sports or healthy, vitamin-enriched food. Before only dieting and exercising could help you control your weight, but it takes time and can't help to digest excessive fat during eating, but this is Xenical that does. Xenical (also known as Orlistat) is a novel magic medication created to help you become slim without extra efforts. This is a prescriptive medication that works by breaking down fat you eat, so it is recommended to use it while taking your meal.

How to get a long-awaited effect with Xenical

Xenical weight loss pills are very popular among people suffering from obesity. They give preference to Xenical due to its effectiveness and positive results it shows. Here is a brief review of how these weight loss tablets work. First, as it was already mentioned, Xenical's main component is Orlistat, which is also classified as a lipase-inhibitor. Steatolytic enzymes aim to breakdown fat right in the intestinal tract and do not let it store in your body. As the manufacturers of Xenical claim, the medication can reduce up to one-third of all fat you eat for a time. When converted into calories, one-third equals about 600 calories that, thanks to Xenical, are not digested by your organism every day. This will lead to loss of weight, approximately 1 pound per week. To get the long-awaited effect you should follow the prescribed dosage only (normally it's not more than 120 mg daily) and take Xenical three times a day before meal. Greater dosages haven't shown the better effect, so you should not take more than prescribed to you.

Pros and cons of Xenical tablets

Let's start with positive results experienced after taking Xenical. A lot of studies were made concerning these particular medication, and each study had its own results, but all of them agreed on the following: Xenical is an effective medication used for the management of corpulence. It was proved that a greater part (35% to 72%)of all Xenical-taking patients succeeded to reduce up to 5% of their body mass. About 16% to 25% were found to loss up to 10% of their total weight. The results depend upon individual traits of each dieter, so it is hard to predict how much excessive weight you can lose.

Weight loss diet pillThere is another advantage of taking Xenical pills: they help to reduce or eliminate diabetic drug therapy in takers suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is commonly the disease provoked by excess weight and there is a great number of people all over the world, including the U.S., suffering from elevated blood sugar level. More than 2500 people with Type 2 diabetes were involved in clinical studies of Xenical. It was proved that apart from helping to reduce weight, Xenical also helps to keep in shape after initial weight-loss and thus to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes instances in more than 40% of patients.

But as any medication, Xenical may still cause some adverse effects. Diarrhea and anal leakage are usual side effects of Xenical typical for people who still keeps eating high-fat food. Xenical are dietary pills used as an effective supplement to your diet, so it is recommended to keep low-fat diet while being on pills. Otherwise, you can also have such an embarrassing inconvenience as bowl pain and excessive gas in your digestive tract.

You should also know that Xenical also prevents fat-soluble vitamins from being absorbed. If you take vitamins, it is suggested to take them two hours before or after you take Xenical tablets. Vitamins A, D, E, and K will also help to compensate undigested vitamins, so add them to your diet.

Who should take Xenical

Only those people should use Xenical who were diagnosed obesity and who are supervised by the doctor as the patients having serious problems with excessive weight. If you do not seem to be too corpulent but you want to lose weight, it is better consult your doctor before taking any pills. Buy only original drugs, otherwise it's impossible to vouch for the effectiveness of the medication.

One thing you should be aware of Xenical – it is not intended to make you slim once and for all. Xenical is used to enhance your diet effect and give fast results, but there is no guarantees you won't gain weight again, though it is claimed that the majority of Xenical takers gained not more than 35 % of the weight they lost while using dieting pills. Remember, the best way to get wanted results is to change you life style.

Orlistat is manufactured and distributed primarily for obese people. This is one of the weight loss drugs that have easily passed severe examination of the Food and Drug Administration. Doctors prescribe this medicine to patients but with a reminder to keep a healthy lifestyle like doing exercises regularly and maintaining a well-balanced diet.

The primary function of Orlistat is to control the body’s metabolic processes involved in the breaking down of fats. As a consequence of this action, some of the fatty acids inside the body are left undigested. These undigested fatty acids are easily thrown out of the body through bowel movements.

How to Use Orlistat

Take note that when taking this medicine it is necessary to reduce fat intake. Your meals should contain less than 30% fats. So, eat nutritious meals with very low fat content. This medicine is able to do a faster job if there’s minimal presence of fatty acids. One hour before eating – that’s the time the drug has to be taken in. So, with three meals a day, you need to take it three times. Ideally, that’s three capsules everyday. Doctors are recommending not taking it if patients are not sure about taking a meal within an hour. If the meal does not contain fat foods, it is recommended to skip taking the medicine. There are two available doses or this medicine – 120 mg and 60 mg. Studies say that with 120 mg, one can reduce fat absorption by about 30%. That’s not really far than what a 60-mg can do, which is about 35% reduction of fat absorption. If you are already using supplements, there should be no worry about taking Orlistat with them. This medicine does not react with supplements nutrients such as vitamins A, K, D and E, and beta-carotene. You can take your supplements two hours before or two hours after eating.

This medicine is most effective when combined with dietary regimen that’s low in fat and exercise. So, check product labels and look for fat contents. This medicine can cause LBM, anal discharge that’s oily and flatulence. For some patients, there are experiences of urgency in bowel movements or there is higher frequency of going to the toilet. Others experience slight abdominal pain, headaches, rectal pain, changes in regular menstrual cycle and nervousness. However, do not worry about these minor side effects as they are just natural consequences of the inhibiting action of Orlistat. Remember that Orlistat is prohibited for use with children below 18 years of age. Remember also to inform your doctor about the drugs you are currently taking – prescribed and OTC drugs. Include informing him about the herbs and topical treatments you are using. If you notice some reactions in your body, consult with your doctor right away. Very long abdominal pain and breathing difficulty can happen with some people who have different bodily reactions. Despite these cases, Orlistat is still one of the safest drugs around. Visit online medical sites to know more about the use and efficacy of Orlistat. In the United States, Orlistat is marketed under the brand name Alli.